New Year, still fabulous.

New Years Eve and I’m sat in an oversized teeshirt, baggy sweats, watching Grey’s Anatomy and sipping prosecco because why the hell not. Both kiddies are asleep, which is nice as we seem to have had illness after illness at the moment. Colds passed between everyone for weeks, bronchitis, conjunctivitis and now tonsillitis.

G  took his first steps at 9 months and 13 days and is now walking all over the place, completely proud of himself with the biggest, cheesiest grin on his face. It is ten out of ten adorable.
He’s so different to E as a baby. He’s definitely not as independent but ohmygoodness is he a cuddler. Serious Mummy’s boy. If he wasn’t so freaking heavy I’d love it even more than I do but as it is I end up with a sore hip and dead arms by the end of the day. I have a sling that I really need to start using more often than I do.
He has six teeth now and his favourite thing to do is chew my chin. He will literally lunge at me, grab my chin with his mouth, pull my hair so I can’t move and laugh his head off. He’s like one of those things from Alien. A facehugger. A cute giggly facehugger.
All the while I’m laughing too but it really hurts so I’m also trying to prize open his tiny hands that are vice gripped around my hair. By this point, E thinks we’re playing a massive game and jumps onto my shoulders, clinging onto my neck, shouting “GIDDYUP MUMMY!”
Yeah it’s a great game.

E is going to be an artist. Or a paleontologist, or an astronaut if you consider her other loves….peppaologist?
I honestly sit there Googling “what should my child be able to draw at (insert months here) ” about 5 times a day. She drew me a fish in water yesterday people. That’s gotta be advanced right? I mean, a fish. In water. IN. WATER. Yes the fish was just an oval with an eye, but still. she coloured in the blue water around it and drew WAVES and I’m calling it. child genius.
She has two pretty good artists for parents (I use the term ‘pretty good’ loosely, I am no Monet) so she was bound to get it right?
I don’t mean to harp on about it, but also – she draws pupils in eyes, Granted, they’re just a dot in the middle of a circle, but come on!

Anyway, I’ll stop gushing over my childs CREATIVE GENIUS and move on.

Christmas was great. E’s first Christmas where she actually knew what was going on, although slightly confused at first with the concept of an old man coming in whilst everyone was asleep..this was soon accepted when I mentioned he would be bringing her presents.
Must do the stranger danger talk soon…
Her face when she saw his footprints in the amazing, magical, non melting, North (or is it South?) Pole snow aka talcum powder, was an absolute picture. Despite what we had told her, Father Christmas didn’t leave her a lump of coal and did actually bring her a fairly large amount of presents! Not sure with how well this is going to go for us in future though, may have to come good with the coal threats occasionally!
G was a typical baby – wrapping paper and boxes? Winning.

As I’ve been writing this, it has become 2017. I am 30 THIS YEAR. What happened? I genuinely still feel 21 *cries*. I shall most certainly be channeling Joey Tribiani come December 15th. My dearest hubby always says, “We’re almost dead. Best years of our lives are over. It only gets worse from here” but he is a grump. So this year I am making a list. Not resolutions, but 30 things to do before I’m 30. 30 before 30.
Now I just need to come up with said list…




Shortly after Elizabeth’s first birthday, we had a little bit of a happy shock.


I have recorded (very badly) Marc’s, my parents reactions, and have a recording of Marc’s mum’s reaction. I will get them on my YouTube and post the links here when I can. They are absolutely brilliant – you’d think Marc had just been told his dog had died (he is excited..kind of..)!

Our due date is Feb 3rd so only 5 weeks to go. I was back down to a size 10 for the first time in years just before I found out too! Damn.

To say I am crapping myself is an understatement. Labour. Oh God.

I’ve not helped myself and just reread my ‘Labour’ post after Lizzie too.

Thankfully, I haven’t had anaemia this time, just the usual amount of sleeping and naps. Our diet is a lot more varied though now that we have Lizzie- even though it was pretty good before, so I’m assuming that will have a lot to do with it.

The heartburn….oooh the heartburn. I did not miss that. If you don’t get heartburn constantly rushing up your throat like molten lava, aren’t sick in your mouth at LEAST once a day and don’t have to guzzle Gaviscon like water, then don’t come to me with your “oh yeah, I sometimes get heartburn” comments. YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

Rib pain. If you have ever been pregnant, you know what I’m talking about. Jesus. Why does sitting down have to be so painful? Why can’t pregnant people get a break?! Every time I sit down, it feels like my ribs are destroying my organs, and then just for a laugh, bambino decides to give me a hefty kick there too.

Exercise wise – I was determined this time to continue going to the gym and running. Nope. It turns out, I have had mild Sacroiliac joint pain since the end of my previous labour, that has not gone. It basically means that the joints in my bum haven’t healed properly since labour….now they hurt like hell. Joy!
It wasn’t until I got pregnant again and it seemed to be getting progressively worse that I spoke to the midwife about it.
Now I’m lucky if I can walk for 20 mins without hobbling or being in agony. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing!
I’m going to a physio, but have been told, especially if I breast feed again, that it could take up to 18 months for me to be able to do what I was doing exercise wise, before I was pregnant, in order to heal properly.
I am going to be sooooo unfit. /cries
I’m actually envious of everyone posting about their post Christmas runs. I never thought that would happen. Stop doing it to me guys.

I have had absolutely no cravings. Do you know how disappointing that is? People I know have craved coal, pickles, ice cubes and even bleach – and I get nothing. I feel a little left out. I want to be able to say I craved some weird concoction of boiled egg and icecream, or something similarly disgusting. I have 5 weeks to go….it could still happen. Until then, I’ll just keep telling Marc I’m “craving” Ben & Jerrys icecream.




A young food monster in the making.

Woooah 9 months, sorry guys, my bad. Babies are pretty time consuming. I could have had a whole other baby in that time! (Thankfully I didn’t.)

Lizzie is one independent little munchkin. She rolled, she crawled and now she walks. She has 8 little gnashers, she LOVES her food, and she’s badass.

The teeth have been coming through since she was three months. I made it to six months before I decided that being repeatedly bitten on the nipple was far too painful to continue breastfeeding. I tried saying “No!”, but Lizzie thought this was hilarious and I really didn’t. We combination fed till seven and a half months, then moved her completely to bottle.
I’ve heard that babies are supposed to sleep better once they move to bottle, but that was actually the opposite for us. This could have also been because we moved her from our bed to her own room at roughly the same time. The poor bugger must have had a bit of a shock.
I don’t think I mentioned it before – we completely gave up on moses basket / crib sleeping and exclusively co slept from about two and a half months. I know there’s a lot of bad press about it, but it worked for us and we were always very careful about how we did it. Plus, it was fab waking up to her little morning smiles. Not the scratches from her talon like fingernails which I kept forgetting to trim though.

We started weaning her at just before 6 months – she decided this when she stole my bacon. I don’t blame her. Who doesn’t like bacon? We chose to go down the baby led weaning path through recommendations from family, and I’m really glad we did. I think you have to be pretty confident with it, because it’s not a case of IF your baby chokes, it’s WHEN. Thankfully we read a few books and it was briefly touched upon in our NCT class and we have been pretty confident with it throughout. The only thing she’s choked badly on, which made me slightly concerned, was mashed potato! Seriously..It wasn’t even lumpy..
She’s a food lover and baby led weaning has made her more confident and curious with food. She basically has whatever we are having. We cook fresh meals every day with plenty of fruit and veg, so we’ve not even had to change anything which is great! She especially likes any Moroccan spiced dish, and her all time fav is veggie packed enchiladas. I have witnessed her falling asleep twice in this, just because she’s refusing to stop eating. She totally takes after me.
She started crawling around 5 months (I have it written down somewhere) and has been walking like a pro for a couple of months now, starting at 2 days before she was 9 months. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when she took her first step in her bedroom, it was crazy – she looks way too small to be walking. I maintain that the only reason she started crawling and walking so early is because she is obsessed with the cat. Poor Ophelia however, isn’t overly enamoured with Lizzie.
She thinks the dogs are great, Buck thinks she’s fab, Scout thinks she’s a source of food. We’d been quite obsessive with getting her to “be nice” with the animals, which has paid off in recent weeks. She has started obviously stroking Buck, and patting, which all be it, can become an aggressive pat, but it’s a pat all the same. Buck is exceptionally good with her, and on the odd moment we’ve not been able to catch her poking him, he just licks her and cuddles into her even more. It’s actually adorable. All good practice for when she can actually keep up with the cat. Claws are not fun.
She’s got such a cheeky character. Unless she’s teething or unwell (we’ve had on off colds for about 2 months /sigh) then she’s always smiling and chattering to herself. She knows how to wave and say “hiya”, which in her case is a hand flop and “heuuuuuurgh”, she can clap, high five and tongue click. I am training her to say “mummy”, but I think “dada” will come first. She hates putting clothes on and she loves to run around naked – hopefully this will stop when she gets older, I’d rather she wasn’t an exhibitionist. Her favourite film is no longer Frozen, to my husbands delight, but Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 1 and 2. They are pretty hilarious, so I can happily get behind this. Marc and myself could pretty much quote you the films now line for line, and we still love them. She is also mega obsessed with the old Thomas the Tank Engine series. We’re talking the Ringo Star editions, not the rubbish American ones – which Marc keeps accidentally putting on. He thinks there isn’t any difference. Lizzie and I disagree. Her smiliest time is when we blow on her tummy, or when we first go into her bedroom in the morning.
1723170_10153223606772223_5871609085533652323_n (1)
Cuteness overload.

Lizzie has had her first Christmas (spoilt rotten,) spent with both sides of the family. She had a very large Christmas dinner, lots of new toys to play with and enjoyed chasing her…I want to say second cousin…..around and stealing her olives. This was a good day on Lizzie terms.

She was Christened in February in the same church Marc and I got married in, in South Gloucestershire. It’s such a gorgeous church, we were so lucky they agree’d to do it there. We had family come in from all over the place to come see her, it was a great day. She had a really good time! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get her away from the food, so in most of the photos, she is either stuffing her face, or has biscuit plastered all over it. Could this girl be any more like me?

Last time I posted, I had just started to get back into exercise. Maaan, that was a struggle. Thankfully, I had an awesome ‘buggy fit’ class, run by the fantastic Kate, and I have a gym buddy that has dragged me to the gym twice a week, almost every week. Not to mention a husband who is willing to try all my weird and wonderful new mega healthy recipes. He even liked some of them 😉
Thanks to all of this, I actually now weigh less than before I was pregnant. Hell. Freaking. Yes. I still have a wobbly baby tum, and tiger stripes but that doesn’t bother me. I actually look okay in a bikini again and that will do.

I’ve started back at work – only part time, but that is enough. Some young whippersnapper actually said to me
“I bet you were going stir crazy at home with nothing to do”
ERM…. It took all my will power to smile back and explain that having a baby did actually take up a lot  all of your time. Energy. General will to live on a “sleep is for losers” day. Babies are exhausting dude!

Until next time, love and dribbly baby kisses XOXO


shiny and new

I’ve felt pretty rubbish the last few months, but thankfully, I feel brand spanking new and shiny now. 

I think it’s a combination of Marc being home after his surprise return 3 weeks early, it being the GREATEST MONTH OF THEM ALL (Christmas AND my birthday), and I no longer feel like I need to know where the nearest toilet is at all times.

That and I have new makeup. 

I love having a job – money, tips and presents for myself. Winning.

Still can’t afford my beautiful MAC makeup, but a nice bit of Maxfactor has gone down a treat. 

Baby news

  • No major bumpage – I can fit into most of my clothes 
  • Still can’t feel movement
  • running up the stairs is EXHAUSTING.
  • Hideous adolescent teen skin is subsiding and I only have one or two tiny spots
  • Nerve in leg is quite painful, causing me to limp occasionally. Stupid relaxin..
  • Cat loves my belly.

On another note, Marc and myself took a trip to Mammas and Pappas… bad decision. The outfits for boys – GORGEOUS, the prices – not so much.

How is it legal to charge over a grand for a push chair?! Who pays these prices?! Ebay it is for me…………..


This has been my November addiction. Listen and love. Ciao