So close!

The last two weeks. The home stretch. Obviously I’m being optimistic when I say 2 weeks, I’m aware that I’m quite likely to go over that, but for now, I’m hoping for two weeks. At most. Please.
Pregnancy is definitely the happiest reason to feel like utter crap.
I am exhausted, irritable, emotional, hungry, nauseated, walking like I’ve been kicked in the groin and so fat I can’t even sit down comfortably. Rolling over in bed is a 5 minute mission and my pregnancy jeans don’t even fit me anymore without causing more severe heartburn.
The glow? Screw you, ‘glow’. You’ve never even popped over for a brief visit!

One good thing that has come from being so close to due date is that we’ve finally sorted the bedrooms out.I’m a last minute kinda gal. The nursery is pretty bare, but we’re waiting to see if we have a pink or blue with the possibility of moving Lizzie to the very pink guest room / nursery if it’s a blue.

Lizzie has been having this spate of three hour nap times. They have been amazing (I’ve been napping too), but I feel they have come to an end and it makes me want to cry. I am genuinely devastated. An hour is not enough nap time. At all.
Bless her though, she’s been very chirpy and becoming more affectionate every day. She even managed to say a strange toddler version of “love you” today. It sounded more like “loooloooo” but I know she meant to tell me she loved me (not grasping at straws at all).
My belly is getting lots of strokes and kisses. I really hope she knows what’s going on…I’d hate to see her do this to any non pregnant person’s belly!

Babies are so expensive!

We’ve been trying to get a newborn photographer. We had an amazing one for Lizzie in Yorkshire, but down here I can’t even find one remotely rivaling the price she charged. Unfortunately I can’t justify spending the amount of money being asked for down here, on a few photos. However amazing those photos may be. I don’t want this baby to have less than what Lizzie has, this child is equally special, it’s just proving difficult! I’m just really hoping I don’t have to take them myself – you’ve all seen those ‘expectation V reality’ pictures on Pinterest / Facebook / Google – that’s what it’ll be like! Then I definitely would feel sorry for this child!
We’ve contacted the cheapest photographer in the area, but to be honest, driving to Yorkshire is probably our cheapest option. (Yes we’re mental, but actually considering this!)

Thankfully, we’ve been quite spoilt and not had to buy the moses basket, stand, baby swing – everything that was too bulky and that I sold last time around – which has saved us a lot.

All I can say is, come on lottery win!!


38 weeks.


Naps and checkups.

I’ve always been one for a good nap. Before I had a child, they were an average of 40 mins. Now, a nap for me isn’t a good nap unless it’s at LEAST two hours. So really, not a nap. A mini sleep.
I am so happy that Little Squish’s average nap time is currently pushing 3 hours. I honestly don’t know how I’ll cope when nap times disappear.
No naps, a toddler and a newborn? Surely there are laws against this.

Went for my 36 week checkup today. The midwifes here have been pretty lax, I’ve hardly seen anyone! My last appointment was at 28 weeks. Had a different midwife again (I’ve not seen the same one more than once) but all went pretty well. It could have been pretty horrendous considering I had E with me and it was her nap time. She’s pretty moody when she’s tired. Takes after me, clearly.
Baby is 1/5 engaged, wouldn’t stay still at all – my belly literally looked like a plate of jelly- and has a strong heartbeat. Midwife is convinced of the gender based on this.
E started freaking out when my belly was being prodded and poked, even more so when the doppler came out. It was actually mega sweet. She started shouting “BABY!” and looked really worried. She was holding my hand but trying to push the midwife out of the way. As soon as I came off of the table, she lifted my top up and started stroking my belly.
I have no idea whether she actually understands what’s going on, but we have been talking to her about it every day. Maybe she’s just very protective of my belly. Who knows.

It’s sort of dawned on us recently how much baby stuff we sold after Lizzie grew out of it. We thought we were prepared and have been pretty much coasting along this pregnancy thinking we won’t have to spend much money, until.. Where’s the moses basket? We sold it. Where’s the baby swing? We sold it. Where’s the play mat? We sold it.
Baby stuff costs much more than it really should. Seriously. Thank God we still have the pram! I think husband would have a heart attack if we had to buy a pram and whole new travel system too!



Nocturnal baby.

There are a lot of things that wind me up when I’m near the end of a pregnancy.  Well,  actually,  they would wind me up even if I wasn’t pregnant,  I just have a much lower tolerance for idiocy and assholes at this stage.  A lot of things have wound me up in the last couple of days in fact.
I have a new mattress topper.  It is amazing. It makes everything okay. Do you know what makes it even better? The new pillows that came free with it. They are so fluffy and soft. I feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud.
It’s hard to be angry when you’re sleeping on a cloud.

Bump is currently having a rave in my stomach,  giving me random spurts of heartburn. With Lizzie  I had to occasionally poke her to make her move. I needed to know I wasn’t just imagining I was pregnant and not just getting fat. This baby is having non stop party time and not letting me forget it’s there for one second.
This is good,  but a little inconvenient at 3am.

Elizabeth has started challenging us more and more recently and it is exhausting! Yes I know it’s great that she’s independent and has her own mind,  but sometimes,  I would like to be able to have more than an hour of calm,  behaved,  happy child time. Throwing things accross the room and or screaming at me because she has to have a nappy changed, isn’t greatly appreciated.

She’s started to play nicely with kids her own age now though which is a relief… She’s always been great with kids who are either obviously younger,  or a lot older.. But with anyone a similar age to her,  she seems to have tried to ignore them when they come up to her,  or gotten stroppy with them. Who can blame her? Id get stroppy too if people I didn’t know came up to me and either tried to hug me,  get in my face or take my toys.
We’ve still got a long way to go on the sharing front,  but she’s only a tiny tot,  she’ll get there.
Unfortunately she’s started blowing raspberries.  I say unfortunately because to anyone who doesnt know that this is what she’s trying to do, it would look like she is trying to spit on you. I feel that this could get us into trouble at some point. Best nip it in the bud.

I am freaking huge. Bump at 36weeks and 2 days.