Gym or fro-yo?

I was looking forward to going to the gym after so long staying in the house unable to move.


I’ve had my first two gym sessions now since the six week check, and man am I seriously regretting the decision to go back.

Went to a boot camp style session on Tuesday, and it really shows how unfit I now am. I felt horrendous half way through the WARMUP. You have no idea how glad I was when my shoe laces came undone and I needed to stop to retie them. I will from now on be tying shoe laces very loosely if there are any more boot camps!
Although NOTHING is worse than labour, I did see where the women shouting “this is worse than child birth” were coming from.
It seems to be that anything that includes running absolutely destroys me, whereas any circuit training exercises like push ups, lunges, the plank I have become better at. On Tuesday, the plank was my favourite exercise. The plank. There must be something wrong with me.

Todays session was a lot easier, no running!  It was just your bog standard circuit training. I still had to take it easy, but I don’t think I’ll have to force myself to go to the Thursday sesh!

All this torture is so I can hopefully get some sort of beach body back for even a fraction of the summer. That and to get my fitness back, but I do feel my love of the gym will take a while to return! For now, I’ll have to deal with the fact that I would rather be sat on the sofa eating Oreo fro-yo, turning into a fatty.

I’ve had to buy new bikinis for our holiday to France in a few weeks time because nothing fits my God damn boobs! It’s such a pain. I mean seriously. I hated boobs before I got pregnant and now they’re 2 sizes bigger! Who needs that. 
I’m also lathering generous amounts of Palmers Cocoa butter onto my stretch marked belly to try and tone down how angry they look although to be honest I’m not overly bothered about these as they’re really not that bad.

Lizzie update – 

She has been consistently sleeping through the night for a while now, but only in our bed making it difficult to actually move through fear of crushing her. We’ve decided (I’ve decided) to start using the moses basket now not only so I can starfish in bed but because it should make it easier when we move her to her cot? Hopefully!

We’ve been taking her out a lot more as we’re pretty sure she’ll either stay asleep or be easily placated. Wherever we go, we always get “look at all that hair”, i can’t imagine her bald, just seems so strange! When she came out after labour, Marc even said she looked like a gorilla baby.

She has started smiling properly and attempts to laugh – which turns into more of a cough. The “laughing” and smiling happens a LOT during bath times. She’s such a cutey pie, I have real problems not squidging her cheeks all the time because they are just TOO CUTE.

She’s had a few sleepy days this week. It’s strange because it’s so lovely to have time to myself to do my own things, but I almost feel like I miss her if I haven’t had enough cuddles with her in the day!

Babies do crazy things to people.