Life with a small human being.

Day 3 of attempting to finish this post..

One thing every midwife and health visitor I’ve seen since labour have all asked is  “how was labour?”, I reply simply with “horrific” and the reply I always get is: “why, what happened?”

What do you mean what happened?! A BABY CAME OUT.

As I said in my last post – I do understand that I was extremely lucky having such a fast labour with few complications, but that does not mean it didn’t hurt like hell! Having a baby that fast meant my contractions were incredibly intense from the word go as they had less time to squeeze Lizzie out!! (Or so I’ve been told) So I will continue to feel like a God damn superstar until I forget how horrendously painful it was! NOTHING can prepare you for that!

On a lighter note

Oh my gosh. I can totally understand why people choose to bottle feed. In the first week that Lizzie was home I had 3 major meltdowns, and I considered buying formula every day.
“If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong” 
Is what I got from all the midwives and health visitor that I saw, and yet they checked Lizzies latch and said it was perfect. Hence the breakdowns.Thankfully, I saw a third midwife who told me “of course it can hurt, it’s a very sensitive area and can be very painful at first!” This midwife is now my favourite. The others must have either had nipples of steel, never had kids, or just can’t remember.

On advice from a family member, I purchased some nipple shields, which are actually amazing. I hope the person that came up with them has made a fortune, because they totally deserve to. I only needed to wear them for a few days so I could recover, and now I can breast feed without the pain and only find it slightly uncomfortable. It’s only if she’s having a “GIVE ME ALL THE MILK” day where she wants feeding ALL DAY with about half hour in between EVERY feed that I revert back to the nipple shields.
The only issue I really get now is when she wants feeding constantly, she gets frustrated sometimes because by the end of the day, I don’t seem to have enough milk for her, which then frustrates me too. At this point, Marc goes very quiet and tends to leave me alone –  through fear of getting a massive rage thrown his way. Poor boy.
One good thing is I have set our bedroom up as a breastfeeding station. Flat screen TV. Check. PS3. Check. Netflix. Check. Watching Prison Break on Netflix has gotten me through some tough days.
A few people have started asking us if we’ve gotten into a routine yet…..for the record, Lizzie does not know the meaning of the word.


Well, I am now so used to only getting 3 hours tops together, I actually feel refreshed if I have managed this! Or maybe, it’s because I’ve had so few hours together that I haven’t gone into a deep enough sleep so I’m still fairly awake when she starts screaming?
I have now started co sleeping with her (yesIknowIknowImnotsupposedtoblabla). IT WORKS. So I don’t care. She’s safe inside a nursing pillow – she can’t roll over and we can’t roll onto her so I’ll keep doing it if it means we actually get to sleep – including Lizzie!
She screams all night in her moses basket but the second, and I mean the second, you pick her up, she goes straight to sleep.
I do still attempt the moses basket…usually until about 2am, then I give up, she’s in with us and she’s sound asleep.One night, she actually gave us 6 hours!! This has not happened again since.


I’ve gotta say, I never thought I was overly slim before pregnancy….now, I feel like the skinniest person IN THE WORLD.. Seriously. Months of looking at a massive bump attached to you for it to then suddenly disappear? People with body fat issues should just get pregnant, then look at themselves after labour.
Back into most of my jeans again #winning

I am sporting an amazing invention underneath though, the Belly Bandit. If you’re pregnant or have recently given birth, I can highly recommend this! It sort of squeezes you back together and slims your tummy and hips back down. You just have to make sure you start exercising as soon as you’re able so that your tummy muscles aren’t rendered useless. I got mine off ebay as it was a lot cheaper 🙂

Saying all this, I still can’t wait to get to the gym. I have lost a lot of muscle tone due to the anaemia phase and my tum is like a plate of jello.

I’ll have to wait till at least the 6 week mark though as I still get exhausted from walking the dogs for 20 mins at the moment and need at least one episode of Prison Break after to recover.

I have a holiday lined up in August and have an amazing bikini in my sights as a present to myself if I manage to tone up – even slightly, so I’m eager to start!


Marc has been an awesome husband since bambino has been home. He has cooked, cleaned up, walked the dogs, sorted out the chickens every day – all in between his work and uni work, with only the occasional grumble. He does get almost a full nights sleep as most of the time he doesn’t actually hear Lizzie’s grumbles or cries so at least he gets that bonus!

I have either been asleep or feeding Lizzie. If she’s been asleep for more than half hour in the day, I’ve maybe managed to tidy up a room or two, but this is a rare moment.  I actually managed to have a bath yesterday, that in itself is a miracle.

She’s almost been home for 4 weeks now and we still find her adorable, even with all the poop and occasional projectile vomit at 4am, so it’s going well!

Cue mushy cheese picture



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