First Trimester done and dusted.

I have tried to update, I promise..

It’s just every time I get 5 minutes to myself I fall asleep. 

I have calmed down a LOT since I last posted, but it took a good month and a lot of complaint letters to various companies to get there. Sorry o2, Tesco and North Yorkshire county council.

Thankfully it looks like I’m finally over the first trimester. My nausea has almost all gone, but the exhaustion has replaced it. I’m still sleeping whenever I can.  when the dogs let me, but it never feels like enough.

So anyway, first trimester over means baby announcement! I wanted to do some funny picture showing Marc as the pregnant one but A. He’s not here and B. He refused to do it anyway. Just know. It would have blown you away with hilarity. 



I started a new job a few days ago  which doesn’t help with tired Jessica but I REALLY need money for Christmas. and to buy myself nice things. who am I kidding? I just want to buy myself nice things. I need to do this while I still can! Soon it will be nappys and nappy rash cream and baby grows and …..you get the picture.